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At Puffin we want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you for offering an attractive partner program for offering your customers cybersecurity services


Partnering with Puffin Security

Start working with Puffin to build a program to provide proactive and critical security services to your clients and members.

Nowaday’s cybersecurity landscape requires an advanced approach. At puffin security we offer a full range of comprehensive cybersecurity services for companies to transform their prevention, detection, and response programs. Our partnership program is designed to help customers safeguard their networks, IT systems and data against attacks and non-compliance.

At Puffin Security we believe in strong partnerships, based in long-term relationships that bring value to both businesses.  We believe in win-wins.

Why partnering with Puffin Security
Shared value

Cyber security offers great opportunities

8 years of experience in cyber security services

Increase your business opportunities

Why working with Puffin

Effectiveness and efficiency

Commitment to results. We use methodologies that ensure the quality policy (ISO 9001) and the achievement of an optimal compromise, prioritizing to response time and speed of execution.

Tailored approach service

Adapt test and rules of engagement to uncover unique vulnerabilities. offering services with flexibility and adequate prices.

Expert execution

Performed by elite security testing consultants on-site or remote. We accredit experience in complex organizations in security projects, providing knowledge in the triple aspect: organizational, legal and technical

A multilayered defense on depth

A multilayered review defenses of management, risk management and internal audit to ensure that cyber security controls are well designed to protect the information assets and are operating effectively.

Compliance with ethical codes

Compliance with audit standards and ethical codes ISACA Code of Ethics, ISSA ethical code, OSSTMM Rules of Engagement, in addition to the standards referenced in the audit methodology.

Let’s make business together

Please keep in touch, and we’ll contact you to discuss a potential partnership.

Puffin Security has the experience and certifications you need to bring credibility to any potencial partnership. We can help your clients understand the cyber security services and the kind of incidents they may suffer depending on its activity. Your company may offer your clients a new and very interesting service necessary for any kind of company.

We can offer a wide range of security services to mitigate risks and enhance the protection of their data. Even if the have already experienced a breach, we can help them to respond and recover very quickly. We can help them to be aware about the priority of having a good security protection, in order to may operate properly and protect their core business.

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