Malware Prevention System

Project financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) of the European Union and the Junta de Castilla y León, through the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE), with the aim of promoting the development of Information and Communication Technologies for SMEs.

What is Malware Prevention System?

Malware Prevention System refers to the development of a cybersecurity endpoint platform that allows automatic identification and neutralization of threats.

Society is currently experiencing a new concept of threat, virtual threat. Agents Operations are at risk every day due to these threats and one of the the main threats are malware, which causes catastrophes in our society.

Faced with this need for protection, we will create a technology capable of stopping these fateful problems.

Modern Malware

In order to understand how we are going to solve it, it is necessary to know certain characteristics of modern malware. Modern malware uses evasion techniques to avoid being detected. When malware detects that they are in a hostile environment, it goes to a latency state, thus preventing analysts from studying their behavior, including traditional antivirus programs.

Our Solution

As an innovation we offer the simulation of an environment of this type that will prevent the malware to carry out its infection routines, and all of this without consuming hardly any resources from the computer in a way that does not affect its functional capacity.

This anticipation allows us to significantly avoid damage to critical infrastructures, certain information or even the teams themselves. This translates into an improvement in security of the entire sector, as well as in a reduction of the possibilities of espionage.

Main Benefits

The development of this product will generate the main advantage of saving in different types of costs that can occur due to a security incident caused by malware, such as: production downtime processes, expenses in incident response, losses of customer databases, team training expenses, natural disasters derived from uncontrolled technologies …

Final Thoughts

The organizations behind the cyberattacks invest millions of euros in the development of new malware. Attacks that the vast majority are technologically novel, so the conventional reactive cybersecurity methods (which are based on action - reaction) they are not prepared to protect themselves against them. Our project, however, is capable of protect us from most unknown attacks, thus providing an environment prepared for modern malware.

Therefore, our technology will have an impact on a global level, since malware is one of the main causes of losses in the sector. Also, the impact of this idea technology could produce the motivation to generate other cybersecurity products more intelligent that instead of following the malware steps ahead of it instead of acting a posteriori.

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