Our MDR service provides your company with advanced technology in the detection of cybersecurity attacks 24/7 while providing a professional cybersecurity team to solve them.


Our MDR service incorporates:

Malware Deception

We realized that modern Malware is becoming more evasive. This means that it avoids being analyzed, preventing them from knowing their behavior and therefore being controlled. Malware is analyzed in isolated environments that have specific characteristics. When Malware detects this type of environment, it does not runs.
With Malware Deception we emulate this environment, preventing it from running, but we also catch it by registering all calls to the system that Malware performs to detect the environment.


Security products are continually adding new types of technologies to detect and block Malware. These could include technologies such as machine learning, exploit detection or behavior analysis. But as soon as these technologies are introduced, the attackers find ways to avoid them. Our technology stops this cycle by protecting your critical files and allowing any unwanted changes to be reversed.
With our solution the effects of Ransomware can always be undone. Even the Ransomware changes from day zero or unknown. The technology can preserve the original file without requiring a backup, which protects the files with virtually no additional disk activity.

Our MDR service will provide your company with:

Is your company ready to respond and incident?

Companies lose an average of thousands of euros per year due to attacks and incidents of cybersecurity. The risk of suffering losses from these attacks increases every year, and the key to reducing it is to be prepared to detect them as quickly as possible and respond appropriately when they occur.

Industry case of study

We help industry sector customers gain an understanding of their cyber security risks and assist them identify business-driven remediation actions

What our clients say

Around 98% of the apps that have been tested are vulnerable to cyber attack

At Puffin Security we deep into your organization beyond technology. We consider structures, processes, strategy and people, analysing security within the context of your business

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