Red teaming

Adversary emulation and red teaming operations are authorized attacks that reveal the capabilities of attackers in real world.


Red Team service tailored for your business

Red team testing is an offensive simulated attack driven from the perspective of the cybercriminals. Thanks to our experience in the cybersecurity field, we are able to simulate real attack scenaries adapted to your industry and business.

Adversary simulated attacks

Our ethical hackers emulate the bad guys launching a multi-layered attack involving several facets of social engineering, physical penetration testing simultaneously. In this way you can check how your company reacts to the attack using the same adversarial tools, tactics and procedures (TTP’s) that criminals employ.

We develop a realistic scenery adapted to the specific business model and operations of your organization. We first identifiy the potential attackers and their most dangerous forms of attack. Once profiled, and identified the tactics we deliver simulated wargaming activities, within a controlled testing framework.

With red team services we help secure networks, applications, people and facilities reducing risks to your organization. We launch a multi-blended, attack simulation against people, software, hardware and facilities involving several facets of social engineering, physical and application penetration testing, and network pentest simultaneously.


Why engage Red Team services?

Red Team is dynamic process that let you adapt your security plan to the sophisticated and advanced threats landscape. Unlike ordinary penetrating testing, red team allows to assess the capabilities and processes of your team in a controlled and managed frame.

Our Red Team operations may include different cyber-attack methods such as: APT, insider threats, telephone and social engineering, spear phishing, fileless attacks…. With this service you can learn a lot from their tactics, techniques and practices before real hackers may cause damage exploiting your vulnerabilities.

Validate your response to attack

Reveal unknown vulnerabilities

Identify and classify security risks

Verify the effectiveness of cyber security plan

Measure capabilities against real-life adversaries

Enchance your cyber security strategy now

Comprehensively challenge your security defences

Attackers are looking for weaknesses in process, technology and people. If you don´t know latest attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), weaknesses networks could stay undetected.

A red team operation can push your company to enhance and strengthen your security plans. The main goal of a red team test is to obtain a realistic perspective of the level of risk and reveal vulnerabilities of your company.

Identify physical, hardware, software and human vulnerabilities

Obtain a more realistic understanding of risk for your organization

Help address and fix all identified security weaknesses

Industry case of study

We help industry sector customers gain an understanding of their cyber security risks and assist them identify business-driven remediation actions

What our clients say

Around 98% of the apps that have been tested are vulnerable to cyber attack

At Puffin Security we deep into your organization beyond technology. We consider structures, processes, strategy and people, analysing security within the context of your business

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