Wireless Networks audit

The objective is determine the level of security of the wireless infrastructure and identifying all access points and breaches that could be produced to a particular network


Wi-Fi security audit services

With the deployment of Wireless LANs everywhere, auditing Wi-Fi networks has become one of our most popular and demanded services, because when not safely configured it get very vulnerable and attackers can access and exploit networks from a distance.

Our approach to Wi-Fi network security

Due to the proliferation of wireless networks and smartphones everywhere wireless networks has become a main target for cybercrime. The goal of a wireless network is to provide easy access to users, but this may become an opened door to attackers. Many wireless routers are infrequently if ever updated.

Auditing wirelss networks our team evaluates the actual security, effectiveness, and performance to get a real in-depth review into the condition of a network. The best way to manage wireless security is to be constantly vigilant, and check periodically the level of security and possible gaps that may be produced.

Risks of not securing Wifi Networks

Man-in-the-Middle attacks

Unencrypted networks

Malware distribution

Snooping and sniffing

Malicious hotspots

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Why do you need to audit your Wi-Fi?

Wireless networks can be seen as potentially unsafe, inviting unauthorized access by strangers who could intercept sent data. Security protocols have been easily cracked. Attacks against wireless networks can be facilitated in multiple ways, that is why securing these communications is essential in order to ensure the security of any organization.

Due to the extensive deployment and use of wireless technologies and protocols, companies mut secure these communications from attackers. Businesses can prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities by raising awareness on the vulnerabilities Wi-Fi and adopting best practices, like auditing oftenly their wireless networks.

At Puffin Security our expert team in cyber security can help your company to safeguard wireless networks from cyber atacks and data breaches, auditing and giving you the key points to keep safe your security network.

Goals of periodical Wi-Fi network audit

Website and application security audit help you understand the vulnerabilities in your website or web applications as they go beyond a collection of automated tests and dive deeper into security controls. With a periodical audit you get regulatory compliance and also peace of mind.

Understand the security vulnerabilities in current WLAN setup

Identify and fix gaps and vulnerabilities

Helps to get more control over wireless network

Benefits of Wi-Fi auditing

Wireless auditing is very useful to protect your organization and and detect any existing security threat or vulnerability reducing the risks of cyber attackers can access your assets

Enhance your network protection

Mitigate risks by detecting and remediating security vulnerabilities and configure it to the maximum security level of your company.

Boost security

Increase end user confidence and company reputation by boosting your defences and meeting the highest security standards.

Reveal vulnerabilities

Illuminate breaches that could be exploited by an attacker for gaining access to your environment and system, and reduce risks of compliance penalties

Advantages of Puffin services

Why working with Puffin

While there is no single solution to protect against wireless attacks, monitoring audit is an important issue for any company, At Puffin Security we can start off by helping you to secure your wireless network and after checking at regular intervals all the critical points that may be exploited by the cyber attackers.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Commitment to results. We use methodologies that ensure the quality policy (ISO 9001) and the achievement of an optimal compromise, prioritizing to response time and speed of execution.

Tailored approach service

Adapt test and rules of engagement to uncover unique vulnerabilities. offering services with flexibility and adequate prices .

Expert execution

Performed by elite security testing consultants on-site or remote. We accredit experience in complex organizations in security projects, providing knowledge in the triple aspect: organizational, legal and technical

A multilayered defense on depth

A multilayered review defenses of management, risk management and internal audit to ensure that cyber security controls are well designed to protect the information assets and are operating effectively.

Compliance with ethical codes

Compliance with audit standards and ethical codes ISACA Code of Ethics, ISSA ethical code, OSSTMM Rules of Engagement, in addition to the standards referenced in the audit methodology.

Cyber criminals
attack wifi networks
with 3 strategies

Because wireless networks don´t have built-in security mechanisms, it is needed to use other strategies like encryption and authentication techniques such as WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). But all this is not enough and attackers always find new ways of cracking networks.

Active attacks

After executing a passive attack and gathering any information an active attack can be planted on a network, with circumstances like denial of service attack and IP spoofing.

MITM Attack

The man in the middle (MITM) attack gains information of an actively used SSID of a rogue points that is usually setup in a close proximity of the nodes to be hacked.

Signal Jamming attacks

This method uses wireless radio transmission techniques to create frequency patterns in the range same as wireless signals jamming the access points as well as the nodes

Wi-Fi audit methodology

When performing a Wireless network audit we work with OWASP methodology, the same one thatn with mobile and web applications, but we incorporate the OWISAM security methodology, a total of 64 technical controls defined to ensure wireless infrastructure security.

The extended use of wireless communication networks exposes organizations to a large myriad of attacks on its infrastructure. Although there are other security methodologies, this methodology is also used by security analysts to identify risks on wireless networks. All these processes made automatically by these tools, must be analized manually by our consultants to avoit false positives. Once all he information is analized our staff will prepare the final report with reliable and concrete information.

Phases of the Wi-Fi Audit Process

Analysis of the wireless network

Review of the Wireless Network security status

Specific recommendations for risk reduction

Update inventory of access points within the perimeter

Detect any Rogue AP

Detection of hidden wireless networks

Detect unauthorized devices

cyber security web application auditing final report


Documentation Deliverables

Once all of this is complete you will receive a final report with a detailed information about all the tests and results discovered in the wireless network security audit. In this document you will find all the knowledge you need to implement in order to mitigate vulnerabilities and weakness found. You will find all the vulnerabilities found analysed in depth (description, impact, risk level, evidences…) and all the actions we have executed.

$600 Billion

is the ammount that Cyber crime costs the world a year

Interested in auditing?

Discover all our types of cyber security audit for testing your security plan and all the gaps that can address to a data breach

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Years auditing companies


Data breaches prevented


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We have detected that many times wireless networks have been deployed without basic security measures

At Puffin Security we deep into your organization beyond technology. We consider structures, processes, strategy and people, analysing security within the context of your business

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