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The objective is determine the level of security of the Source Code and identifying all access points and breaches that could be produced to a particular application


Source code security audit services

A software code audit refers a holistic analysis of source code in programming project in order to discover, security breaches, bugs, and violations of conventions

Application security was not very considered until malicious activity generated by cybercrime grew, forcing companies to take care about the security of software. The more important solutions for auditing source code are SAST (white box) and DAST (black box), that may be complemented by other methods like pentesting.

We make source code audit with SAST (white box testing) recognized as one of the best ways to ensure code security. In this way we can anticipate vulnerabilities in software if we audit the source code during the development process. OWASP can be used to reach an accurate insight into the vulnerabilities hidden in the code. Others vulnerabilities only will be detected with penetration testing.

Advantages of using SAST

It is faster than manual tools

SAST tools can be used in the design

It can be easily integrated

Applied in early stages of SDLC

It detects high-risk vulnerabilities

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Why do you need to audit source code?

When developing any application we have to be careful and check any security vunerability. Only in this way we can prevent certain risks, making it less vulnerable in the future. We can execute utomatica scans of the code to detect known vulnerabilies, but after a cyber security expert will review and evaluate the information to eliminate false positive and prioritize the bugs to fix.

Before starting auditing a source code, the main point is to understand the context and the main characteristics of the project. Our cyber security experts will need the collaboration of the developement team to get a comprehensive perspective of the goal and issues as: programming language, context, goals, audience, location, priorities an availability.

Goals of source code audit

Auditing source code is very important to prevent cyber attacks and avoid problems with regulatory compliance

Detect security bugs of your source code

Reach an insight about the security bugs hidden in the code

Reduce errors before a software is released

Benefits of source code auditing

The core of every software projects is source code, so it is very importatn tu detect all the bugs related with security, and fix them before a hacker finds them.

Early Stage Detection

Mitigate risks by detecting and remediating security vulnerabilities. Even better if you ask us an audit during the software development life cycle

Boost security

Increase end user confidence and company reputation by boosting your defences and meeting the highest security standards.

Reveal vulnerabilities

Illuminate breaches that could be exploited by an attacker for gaining access to your environment and system, and reduce risks of compliance penalties

Advantages of Puffin services

Why working with Puffin

Effectiveness and efficiency

Commitment to results. We use methodologies that ensure the quality policy (ISO 9001) and the achievement of an optimal compromise, prioritizing to response time and speed of execution.

Tailored approach service

Adapt test and rules of engagement to uncover unique vulnerabilities. offering services with flexibility and adequate prices .

Expert execution

Performed by elite security testing consultants on-site or remote. We accredit experience in complex organizations in security projects, providing knowledge in the triple aspect: organizational, legal and technical

A multilayered defense on depth

A multilayered review defenses of management, risk management and internal audit to ensure that cyber security controls are well designed to protect the information assets and are operating effectively.

Compliance with ethical codes

Compliance with audit standards and ethical codes ISACA Code of Ethics, ISSA ethical code, OSSTMM Rules of Engagement, in addition to the standards referenced in the audit methodology.

Cyber criminals
attack source code
with 3 strategies

The kinds of defects in source code that cause vulnerabilities includes the following: Race Conditions, Input Validation Defects, Exceptions, SQL Injection, Buffer Overflows, Stack Overflows and Integer Overflows.

SQL Injection

Attackers insert SQL into a web application database query, taking complete control over your web application database. This attack vector is easily exploited, but it is easily mitigated with a small amount of due diligence.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

This is a type of injection, in which malicious scripts are injected into benign and trusted websites. This occurs when an attacker inserts HTML or client-side script in the user interface of a web application.


It is very important to learn important secure coding principles and how they can be applied, this includes testing for secure coding principles described in OWASP Secure Coding Guidelines

Source code audit methodology

In order to make the Source Code Audit comprehensively our team must assimilate and understand the context. That is why is very important to make this kind of audit close with the developers team. This source code audit is a complementary to pentesting or a security audit.

To execute efficiently a code audit, our team follow the general guidelines of OWASP Code Review Guide, like we do in wireless networks, web and mobile application, but adapted to this kind of analysis. When performing a web audit we work with OWASP methodology. After processing some automatically tests, our consultants must analize manually to avoit false positives. Once all he information is analized our staff will prepare the final report with reliable and concrete information.

Phases of the source code audit

Authentication & Authorization

Cookie Management

Input Data Validation

Detection of security bugs

Audit records

cyber security web application auditing final report


Documentation Deliverables

Once all of this is complete you will receive a final report with a detailed information about all the tests and results discovered in the sourcec code security audit. In this document you will find all the knowledge you need to implement in order to mitigate vulnerabilities and weakness found. You will find all the gaps analysed in depth (description, impact, risk level, evidences…) and all the actions we have executed.

Prioritize Controls and Mitigate Risk
$600 Billion

is the ammount that Cyber crime costs the world a year

Interested in auditing?

Discover all our types of cyber security audit for testing your security plan and all the gaps that can address to a data breach

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Source code auditing is regarded as one of the most impoprtant stages in Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

At Puffin Security we deep into your organization beyond technology. We consider structures, processes, strategy and people, analysing security within the context of your business

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